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8 Side Dishes to Serve With Fried Chicken

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8 Side Dishes to Serve with Fried Chicken

Fresh vegetables, such as cucumbers and maize, are uncomplicated and gratifying side dishes during the summer. In the winter (yes, fried chicken can be prepared in the winter! ), incorporate potatoes and squash into your meal preparations.

1. Cool Beans Salad

In this flavorful and hearty dish, two varieties of beans are combined with corn, fresh peppers, and seasonings.

A classic picnic side dish, beans, and rice are delicious served chilled, heated, or at any temperature in between. Spice to taste and incorporate additional herbs harvested from the garden.

2. Roasted Fresh Okra

Okra is a flavorful vegetable that can be exquisitely crisp or meltingly tender, depending on the cooking method. If it’s your first time cooking okra, this roasted variety is an excellent starting point.

It is easy to prepare and consistently turns out crisp.

3. Creamy Coleslaw

Curious as to how one can rapidly prepare homemade coleslaw? Rapidly procure a package containing pre-shredded carrots and cabbage, or alternatively, employ a food processor.

The tangy, creamy dressing complements the flavorful fried chicken perfectly.

4. Cherry Tomato Salad

Tomato Salad with Sweet-Tart Cherries During the summer, fresh-from-the-vine cherry tomatoes are delectable, but they are also a dependable year-round option from the grocery store.

This delightful, herbaceous recipe is an excellent method of enlivening a fried chicken supper.

5. Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

Complement a meal fit for a restaurant by combining delectable fried chicken with rich macaroni and cheese. The saucy, cheesy side dish provides an attractive contrast in texture to the crunchy poultry.

6. Mexican Street Corn Bake

Due to the fact that fried chicken is typically mildly spiced, it complements a wide variety of dishes. Southwesternize the dish by serving this corn inspired by Mexican street cuisine. Despite its complex flavor profile, the maize can be effortlessly prepared in a single pan.

7. Vibrant Black-Eyed Pea Salad

Anticipating a picnic? Avoid omitting this cherished southern side dish. In order to allow for the development of flavor, prepare it in advance.

8. Asian Coleslaw

In numerous Asian cuisines, fried chicken is a staple and the delectable main dish pairs well with a side dish seasoned with Asian spices. The outcome of this recipe is a sesame-scented, mild, sweet slaw; however, it could be made more spicy by incorporating a pinch of cayenne pepper into the fried chicken breading or by adding a sprinkle of Sriracha.

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