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Three MLB Legends Retired From The Game.

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Three MLB Legends Retired From The Game.

The MLB 2023 season has just come to a close, and the World Series champions are the Texas Rangers.

The award season will honor a multitude of individual accomplishments.

Offseason activities have already commenced, encompassing transactions such as option decisions, waiver claims, and other analogous undertakings.

However, before bidding farewell to the 2023 season, allow us to pause momentarily to honor the careers of three legends.

“At the conclusion of the 2023 Major League Baseball season, three esteemed veterans begin their retirements: – 1B/DH “DH/OF Nelson Cruz Miguel Cabrera; RHP Adam Wainwright,” Numbers of MLB Jerseys Tweeted

Cabrera is positioned to enter the Hall of Fame in the future. His tenure with the Detroit Tigers came to an end.

The sole individual to have amassed a Triple Crown, 500 doubles, and 600 home runs in addition to a lifetime average of.300.

The position he secures in Cooperstown appears virtually certain; the sole remaining factor is whether the selection will be by unanimous agreement or by first ballot.

Late in the year, Wainwright achieved his 200th career victory.

He may not have amassed a substantial Hall of Fame record, but throughout baseball, he is revered and adored as a St. Louis Cardinals legend.

His phenomenal tenure came to a close with two World Series titles.

Although Cruz did not secure the championship, he came extremely close in 2010 and 2011. He retired with 464 career home runs despite beginning his major league career full-time at the age of nearly 30.

Having debuted in 2015, he is bidding farewell to one of the most renowned sluggers in Major League Baseball.

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